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Apple has been a pacesetter when it comes to developing technology, especially when it comes to convenience of use and simplicity of the designed technology. One of the favourite payment methods that have gained global usage among new online gambling casinos is Apple Pay.

The payment method is used by users of the iPhone. The use of Apple Pay to make deposits at an online casino or to withdraw money from an online casino is because the payment method is reasonably straightforward with a security that is not used by other payment methods. With Apple Pay, you would not need to share your credit card information or your phone number. Therefore, as an iPhone user or an iPad user, there is a need to have an understanding of the services rendered by Apple pay before making use of it on an Apply Pay online casino site. Apple Pay as a payment method that is used by Apple Pay casino sites, is extensively discussed in this guide.

List of the Best Apple Pay Casinos 2020

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Overview of Apple Pay Gambling

  1. Choosing a Casino: The first step to take when embarking on an online gaming adventure is to find a very suitable online casino that accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. This should not be a problem because this payment method is now widely used, and there are several Apple play casino sites in Ireland. Some precautionary steps should be taken when choosing an Apply pay online casino. For example, it should always be ensured that the chosen Apple pay casino is fully licensed with an unbeaten track record and an excellent reputation that can be verified from other gambling fans. It is also vital to ensure that players from your country are accepted by the online casino Apple Pay.
  2. Signing Up and Finding your Payment Method: Once the preferred Apple pay casino sites have been chosen, the next thing to do is to sign up to become a member of the establishment. This is a straightforward and fast process that involves clicking on the sign-up option and filling the form which pops up. Details you would need to fill in include your name, email address, phone number and password amongst others. You would then need to verify the provided email and phone number to complete the sign-up process. The next thing to do after signing up is to proceed to the payment section and find your preferred payment method. Most Apple pay casino sites ensure that the payment section is easy to locate.
  3. Selecting Apple Pay and Inputting the Amount: Selecting Apple Pay as a payment method comes after the preferred casino has been chosen after you sign up and verify your new account. You should then proceed to the payment section and select Apple Pay which would be seen among other payment options. Once you have selected Apple pay, you would then need to make an initial deposit in other to fund your account. It is from this deposit that you would be able to gamble and place bets conveniently. Making the deposit is done by inputting the amount of money you wish to deposit.
  4. Choosing a Connected Card: Once you have selected the Apple Pay as a payment option and inputted the amount you would like to deposit, an Apple Pay interface would pop up. This interface will provide you with necessary instructions that would enable you to choose one of your connected cards. Peradventure you do not already have a connected card, you would be able to add a new card. It is worth noting that a daily limit to the amount of money that can be deposited is usually placed by most of the online casino Apple pay. Since Apple Pay works with participating banks, approval from your card issuer would be requested. The payment would then be made after this approval is granted.
  5. Play Games: Now that you have chosen an online casino site that accepts Apple Pay in Ireland and has followed all the steps listed above to the details, you can proceed to play the available games on the Apple Pay Casino site. Great wins are recorded with Apple Pay gambling.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay Payment Method

The use of Apple Pay as a payment method on online casinos comes with several advantages. Even though this payment method is still new, it offers several advantages which are outlined below.

Security of your Personal Data

Apple Pay ensures that your data is properly secured to ensure that hackers can not access it. Certain factors, when considered further, support the fact that Apple Pay is a secure payment method than could be used on online casinos. These factors include encryption that is provided for each Apple Pay transaction. This two-step authentication is aimed and reducing the risks of potential fraud, especially when your Apple device gets lost or stolen, and ensuring that the online casino has no access to your credit card details. Apple's Touch ID is also used in protecting transactions that are made via Apple Pay in other to ensure that only a pre-approved fingerprint can complete a transaction.

Rapid Payment Method

Apple Pay is a fast method for depositing funds to your online casino Apple Pay account. The depositing of funds to an online casino through the Apple Pay option is an immediate process, and the funds become available for the use of your online casino almost immediately.

No Fees

Unlike other payment methods that place a fee on every money that is deposited, the Apple Pay payment method does not put charges on money that is deposited to the casino account. This is one benefit that is loved by fans of online gambling. The Apple Pay payment method is a free mobile payment method.


One factor that is often considered by most gamblers is the ease with which payments can be made. Interestingly, the processes involved in depositing money via Apple Pay is a straightforward process that requires no prior technical knowledge to perform.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards Compatibility

Apple Pay payment method is compatible with a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including Visa and Master Cards.

Apple Pay is Suitable for all Apple Devices

You can use the Apple Pay payment method at a casino mobile online on any Apple device whether it is an iPhone or an iPad and this comes with other benefits which include that ability to scan your card rather than manually inputting the details. Another benefit that is enjoyed when users of the Apple device is the ability to request and receive payments via their message app after which the money would be transferred to their Apple Pay Cash card. They can now use the money to pay for any transaction, including depositing funds to their online casino account.

Disadvantages of Using Apple Pay Payment Method

Even though this payment method has several advantages, there is still some drawback that is usually encountered by Apple Pay online casino players. These disadvantages are few, and they include the following:

Withdrawal is not Allowed

This is the main disadvantage of using the Apple Pay payment method. Withdrawal of funds is not possible with the payment system. This system only allows the deposit of funds and not the withdrawal of funds. In other words, Apple pay users would have to resort to making use of different methods to withdraw funds from their online casino accounts. This is not always convenient because a lot of online casino players prefer making use of the same payment method for both depositing funds and withdrawing funds.

Lack of Casinos

This is a serious drawback of Apple Pay as a payment method. As it stands, there are only a few brands in our real money casino list currently available and not all these casinos accept Apple Pay for deposits. This may be because making deposits on an online casino via Apple Pay is only possible to users of iPhone, iPad and other similar Apple devices. However, it is expected that Apple Pay would grow and become accepted by every online casino.

Alternatives to Apple Pay Payment Method

Phone Bill

Another payment method that can serve as an alternative to the Apple Pay system is deposit by phone bill casinos method. With this method, players can upload funds to their casino account with ease by using their phone. This payment method offers players with two methods which they can make use of to make their payment, this can either be by making use of a pre-paid balance or by adding the amount you want to deposit to your phone bill. Both methods do not take much time, and they are followed by a single SMS. Rapid and secure transactions can be performed using this method. Most casinos now use this method, and no fees are charged on any transaction made. However, this method has limits that are quite similar to those of other banking methods. It is usually between the range of £5 and £20 for minimum transfer while the maximum transfer depends on the available pre-paid amount.

Mobile E-Wallets

This is the most popular payment method used by most casino players. Options that could be used in this method include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard casino sites and even the PayPal casinos which is rather difficult to find. One exciting feature about mobile e-wallets is that they not only offer websites that are easy to navigate, they also provide mobile apps that are simple to operate thereby giving players the ability to make instant payments anywhere. This payment method also offers payment limits which casino players must consider.

Google Pay

Android's alternative to Apple Pay is Google Pay, which is sometimes referred to as G Pay. This method comes in handy to players who do not own an Apple device, and they can carry out fast and safe transactions with this method. Google Pay Casino, just like the above two methods also places a limit between the range of £5 and £20 for minimum transfer and £5,000 for maximum.

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Apple Pay Casinos FAQ

ᐅ What are the commission fees if any?
There are no commission fees for transactions made using Apple Pay. The only charges made by Apple Pay are on the operators of the Apple device rather than on transactions made. However, there are fees to be paid when funding an Apple Pay account. For instance, a 3% charge on a funded amount is deducted when a credit card is used. No fees are deducted for a debit card.
ᐅ Is there any Deposit Limit?
Deposit Limit when using Apple Pay usually depends on the Apple Pay casino that is used. Some Apple plays casino place a deposit limit between the range of £5 and £20 for minimum transfer and £5,000 for maximum. Therefore, Apple Pay users should always bear this in mind and verify the limits before making any transactions.
ᐅ How to add credit/debit card to Apple Pay?
Instructions on how to add a credit or debit card to an Apple wallet have been extensively provided in this guide. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you read this guide.
ᐅ Can Apple Pay be used for Withdrawals?
Even though the Apple Pay payment method has similarities with other e-wallets, they are not the same payment methods, and as such, it can only be used to make deposits to an online casino account. However, deposits made with this method are safe and secure.
ᐅ How fast payments are made?
Payments made with Apple Pay are instant. There are no delays experienced when this method is used. Apple Pay is a great option to use if you want to make instant payments.
ᐅ Do all casinos accept Apple Pay?
The Apple Pay option is accepted by casinos. However, the number of casinos that currently make use of this method is quite limited. Apple Pay is a new trend, and with time, more casinos would begin to make use of this payment method.