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In some parts of the world, particularly China, baccarat is the most popular casino games. It’s no surprise to find this, as baccarat, for many, is the perfect game – a game with exceptionally simple rules and one that delivers huge excitement on every hand. In addition, it’s possible to win – or lose – money very quickly, which only adds to the buzz you’ll experience when you next sit down to play baccarat online.

You’ll find that there are the best casino sites in Ireland to play online baccarat. In fact, the majority of real money online casinos offer the game, both in standard and live forms. On this page, we’ll be telling you how we find and review the best online baccarat casinos, something we do to make sure you only ever play at the best baccarat sites.

We’re not just going to be looking at the best baccarat sites, as we’ll also be taking you through how to play online baccarat for real money, which operators produce the best online casino baccarat games, and much more. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll be ready to hit the table running and hopefully start winning from your very first hand. So, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about playing baccarat at online casinos!

Best Online Casinos to Play Baccarat Online

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How We Find and Review Baccarat Casino Sites

This site has many purposes, but perhaps the most important is showing you where to find the very best online casinos. On this page, we’re going to specifically show you the casinos that offer the best experiences to those looking to play the baccarat card game online.

But how exactly do we assess each baccarat online casino? Well, we look at the casino in question from various angles, and you can find out about the most important ones when you read below.

Game Selection

The first and most important thing we look for is the quality of the online baccarat games being offered. Does the site have both standard and live games? If live dealer baccarat is offered, what are the dealers like? Are there many different variations of the game to enjoy? Quite simply, we want to see a large selection of high-quality online casino baccarat games available, which will give fans of the game the experience they’re looking for.

We realise that baccarat fans don’t just want to play the one game, which is why we also make sure to only recommend sites that offer plenty of other game types. We expect every site to offer hundreds of slots to play, plus the best sites should also offer blackjack, roulette and plenty of other table games. The live casino must also be of the highest quality. The more games offered at an online casino, the better its chances are of being recommended by us.

Bonuses and Promotions

Casino bonuses and promotions are still exceptionally important to those looking to play at a baccarat casino online, even though many can’t be used to play baccarat. Instead, the bonuses at online casinos are more aimed at those looking to play slots, as the wagering requirements don’t usually attach much weight to spending money on baccarat.

However, some bonuses are out there aimed specifically at baccarat players, along with many more given to those playing live casino games. What’s more, there are many sites with loyalty schemes where you’ll earn points every time you make a wager at the baccarat table. Every review we write will contain details of the main bonuses a site offers, as well as whether they’re suitable for online baccarat players.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, casinos must make sure their games are accessible for mobile players, including their baccarat games. It should be the case that you’ll be able to play all but the oldest baccarat games using a smartphone or tablet, plus you should also be able to play live dealer baccarat using a mobile device too, providing you are using a strong enough internet connection.

We’ll also tell you about how a casino delivers its mobile gambling platform. Are they simply browser-based? Or do they also offer an app for iOS and Android devices to download? A casino doesn’t have to offer an app to provide a great mobile baccarat experience, but it certainly helps if they do!

Safety and Security

Despite what some people might say, 99% of online casinos are completely safe places to play. Unfortunately, the 1% can ruin things, and therefore you still need to take some precautions when choosing your next place to play. The most important of these is to ensure that the site is regulated by a reputable agency, such as the UK’s Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Thorough regulation means that a site can’t get away with doing anything dishonest or unethical.

We’ll tell you whether a site is properly regulated, plus we’ll also let you know if a site uses SSL encryption, which protects your banking details during transactions. You can be sure that any online baccarat casino we recommend is completely safe and secure, as we examine it thoroughly before recommending it to you. We’d never risk our good reputation by deliberately encouraging you to sign up with unsafe baccarat online casino sites.

Payment Options

There are loads of different online payment methods nowadays, ranging from credit and debit cards to e-wallets. It’s vital that an online casino offers as many payment methods as possible to make sure everyone is able to easily deposit at their site. Deposits should be quick, so you can play baccarat online for money as soon as possible, plus there should be no fees charged by the casino.

Withdrawals should also be quick, as waiting ages to receive a payout can be exceptionally annoying. Withdrawals should also be free, and the minimum withdrawal allowed should be low. We’ll tell you about all aspects of depositing and withdrawing at an online baccarat site in our reviews.

Customer Support

Customer support is often ignored by those picking a new online casino – something they regret when they eventually need to speak to someone about an issue they’re having. We’ll tell you about the customer support offered by casinos we review, so you can be sure that they provide honest, accurate and helpful answers to questions.

We’ll also tell you about the contact options you can use. Most casinos now offer live chat, which is the most popular contact option with players. You’ll also find that most offer email support, plus some also have phone support. Many casinos now also offer customer support via social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter.

User Feedback

Finally, we’ll tell you what other players think of the site in question. We’ll look at everything being said about them online, on subjects ranging from their customer support to the fairness of their games. We’ll then use these reports from real players to influence what we tell you in our online casino reviews.

We’re also sometimes contacted by players who are dissatisfied with their chosen online casino, and we’ll take these messages into account when writing up reviews. If you feel that you’ve been poorly treated by an online casino, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Have you never played baccarat before but would love to learn how? If so, you’ll find that it should take just a few minutes to understand the gameplay. There is no skill at all in baccarat, so new players will have exactly the same chances of winning as experienced players. Take a look below, and you’ll find yourself being able to play baccarat in no time at all!

Baccarat Rules

Before we look at the gameplay of baccarat, it’s important to first understand the game’s point. Quite simply, it’s a contest between player and banker as to which hand achieves a value closest to nine.

To determine the score of a hand, the cards contained with it are added up. Picture cards are all worth 10 points each, and Aces are worth 1 point. If the total is over nine, only the second figure in the number is used. So, for example, if the player has an 8 and a 9, their score would be 7 – the 1 from 17 would be omitted.

Before any cards are dealt, you’ll need to decide whether to bet on the player, the banker or on a tie. If you bet on the player and win, you’ll double your money. Bet on the banker and win, and you’ll also double your money but will then usually be forced to pay a 5% commission to the house. If you successfully bet on a tie, you’ll usually win with odds of 8 to1. We’ll cover this in more detail later, but never bet on the tie – it’s the sucker’s bet baccarat.

It’s also sometimes the case that a side bet can be placed. This is a separate bet on an aspect of the game and has no bearing on the main game. So, you can lose the main game but still win on the side bet, and vice versa. A side bet on whether all cards dealt will be the same colour is one regularly found, as are side bets on whether the player’s and banker’s hands will be a certain value once added together.

Once you have placed your bets, the online baccarat game is ready to start. The dealer will deal two cards to the player and two to the banker, all of which will be face-up. After this, each hand could receive an extra card, depending on their values.

The rules regarding whether the player will receive a third card are:

The rules surrounding whether the banker will receive an additional card in online baccarat are a little more complex and are found below.

Once all cards have been dealt, you will find out if your bet is a winning one. If you do win money, it will be paid into your online casino account. As already mentioned, if you correctly bet on the banker, you’ll pay a 5% commission to the house, which will be taken automatically.

It’s then time to start again and play another hand of baccarat – they only take a few seconds each, so you should be able to get through plenty of them in your playing session!

Baccarat Terminology

As with every casino game, there are a few words and phrases you might not have heard before. While it’s not essential to know the lingo, it will make the experience much more enjoyable, especially if you’re playing live baccarat and want to understand what the dealer and other players are talking about.

Baccarat Bet Types

You can make three possible bets when playing baccarat online and offline if side bets are ignored. These three bets are:

Types of Online Baccarat

There are many different types of baccarat found online, all of which have slightly differing rules. The most popular versions of the game are explained briefly below:

Punto Banco

This is by far the most popular version of real baccarat online. In fact, many games calling themselves baccarat are actually Punto Banco. It originated in Argentina and follows the baccarat rules listed further up this page. So, just place a bet, and the rest of the game will unfold automatically.

Chemin de Fer

This is the original version of the game. A player assumes the role of banker and decides how much they want to bet, after which other players can accept the bet by saying “Banco.” If nobody accepts, all players can pool their money to accept the bet. The game is then played like the rules explained further up this page. When the banker loses, the role moves to another person playing.

Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat follows the same rules as Punto Banco, but the game takes place on a smaller table, allowing for faster action. Also, it’s often possible to play Mini Baccarat for lower stakes than other variations of the game. In land-based casinos, players aren’t allowed to touch the cards, unlike in Punto Banco.

Best Online Baccarat Software Providers

There are many different companies that make baccarat software for casinos, but perhaps the best is NetEnt. Their award-winning baccarat software captures the gameplay perfectly, plus their games look stunning. Another huge name is Microgaming, which also offers an exceptional baccarat experience, although their graphics are a little dated.

You’ll also find great online baccarat software from many other big names. Playtech offers a slick way to play the game, while IGT, RTG and Play’n GO also have fantastic baccarat games. When it comes to playing live baccarat online, the number one company is undoubtedly Evolution Gaming. Their games look great, have fantastic dealers, and offer the closest possible experience to actually playing in a casino.

Live Dealer Baccarat Games

For many, live dealer baccarat is the ultimate way to play a baccarat game online. Instead of just interacting with a piece of software, live you’ll get to play with a real dealer, beamed to your screen via a webcam. You’ll have an HUD laid over the top of the broadcast, allowing you to select different actions, which the dealer can see. They will then act accordingly. As with standard online baccarat, it will be placed into your casino account straight away if you manage to win any money.

You’ll find that most online casinos will now offer live dealer games. These can come from a range of different providers, including Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Playtech. Live games usually have higher minimum bets, so they’re not always suitable for lower stakes players. It’s also not possible to play live baccarat for free.

Play Baccarat on Mobile

Nowadays, more people than ever are playing online casino games using mobile devices. Online baccarat fans will be glad to find that the game can easily be played using a variety of smartphones and tablets. Standard baccarat games can usually be played while using a 4G connection or better, while live baccarat games are best played when using a stronger Wi-Fi connection.

There are two different ways to play baccarat online using a mobile device. The first is by accessing the casino using your mobile browser, which will take you to a mobile-optimised website. You’ll then be able to locate the game and play it without needing to download anything.

Alternatively, many online casinos have an app for players to download for iOS, Android, or both. You can download apps from your relevant app marketplace, and the best baccarat apps are free. They give you one-click access to your online casino, making it easier than ever to find and play baccarat on a mobile device. Some casinos might also have separate apps for their live casino.

Strategies to Win Baccarat Online

Are you looking to find out how to win online baccarat? If so, we’ve got some news for you: there’s no way to guarantee you’ll win when playing this game, despite what some people online might say. This is because standard baccarat games are controlled by a random number generator, which makes sure every card dealt is completely random. You’ve got more chance of guaranteeing you’ll win when playing at a land-based casino, thanks to the tactic of edge sorting.

There are various sites out there that offer baccarat systems – tactics used to apparently guarantee you’ll walk away with at least as much money as you started with. While they initially look mathematically sound, they have one issue: they assume that the player has unlimited money, which is never going to be the case. At some point, players will run out of cash and won’t be able to continue with the system.

So, instead of trying to find out how to rig the game and guarantee you win, just enjoy the random nature of baccarat and celebrate when you’re lucky enough to walk away with more money than you started with.

Online Baccarat Tips from IrishCasinoHEX

While there’s no way to guarantee you’ll win when playing baccarat online, there are a couple of things you can do to boost your chances. The first is to use bankroll management. This means you only allocate a small percentage of your bankroll – around 5% is suggested by many experienced players – for your gambling session. You then play with this money and walk away if you lose it instead of spending even more. By doing so, you’ll be able to come back and play again without having to make yet another deposit.

The other tactic to use is this: only ever bet on the banker. The banker bet has the lowest house edge, so this bet should produce the best results over a long period of time. Also, it’s prudent to avoid side bets, as they nearly always have a higher house edge than both the banker and player bets.

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As an Irish (born and raised), I not only have a passion for all things related to gambling, but also a deeper understanding of how the Irish casino market works, what are the latest trends in the country, and how the entire industry is regulated not only on a global but local level as well.

Thanks to this position, I managed to combine my two passions – the one for writing, and the one for gambling, so you can bet all my reviews are very user-friendly.

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Is it legal to play baccarat in Ireland?

Yes, it is legal to play baccarat at online casinos in Ireland. This is the case for both standard and live versions of the game.

How old do I need to be to play baccarat at an online casino?

In Ireland, baccarat players must be aged 18 or over. This is also the case for all other games found at online casinos.

What is the RTP of baccarat?

RTP is essentially the same as the house edge, but it tells you how much a player can be expected to win, and not how much the casino should win. Bet on the banker and the RTP is 98.94%, while the player bet has an RTP of 98.76%. The tie bet usually has an RTP of just 90.50%.

Does baccarat require any element of skill?

No, there is no element of skill to baccarat. You simply pick which hand you think will win, or whether it will be a tie, and the game then plays out itself, without any input from you.

What other games can be played at online casinos?

You’ll usually find loads of other games at online casinos, including slots, blackjack, roulette and scratchcards.

Is online baccarat fair?

You can be sure that you’ll be treated fairly when playing baccarat at all the casinos we recommend. This is because we only recommend top casinos with reputable licences from organisations such as the Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.
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