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Top 3 Casinos to play for REAL Money
1 €500+200FS
2 €1600
3 €/£/$1000

Live blackjack Ireland is one of the most beloved games among online casino players in the Ireland. The rules of live online blackjack are elementary and straightforward, but the game is full of excitement and thrill nevertheless. Playing 21 card game in a brick and mortar casino certainly has its appeal: there's the atmosphere of luxury and fun, there's contact with dealers and other players and an overall non-digital feel.

Live online blackjack provides you with the same fantastic feeling you'd experience in a land-based casino, but from the comfort of your home! If you want to find out more and play live online blackjack games, you've come to the right place. After thorough research, we've compiled a list of best live blackjack casino sites for real money. Try out some of our recommendations with top Ireland providers!

10+ Best Live Blackjack Online Casinos for Money [2019]

1 €500+200FS ZetCasino 1800+
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2 €1600 Jackpot City 370+
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3 €/£/$1000 Jonny Jackpot 1300+
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4 €1200+200FS Casumo 1835+
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5 €750 Ruby Fortune 290+
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6 £300 Hyper 400+
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7 €1000 Spin Palace 450+
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8 $4000 Lucky Red Casino 160+
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9 €300+20FS Betfair 140+
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10 100 Free Spins Mr.Green 300+
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Top Live Blackjack Casino Sites & How to Pick Them

Due to the popularity of online blackjack live games, nowadays you can find a great number of online casinos offering them. When you play 21 online, you'll notice that the gaming experience on each site is different. That's why our team at Hex Casino Ireland found the formula for the best live blackjack online casino with unforgettable features. Follow our recommendations to have the best live online blackjack experience as these card games have several features which make them a good recommendation.

  • Licenses & Certificates. Live blackjack casinos must have a license issued by IrelandGC (Gambling Commission). Every gambling website, holding this license is guaranteed to be legit and safe. This is important not only for live blackjack online but for other live dealer table games. This is why it's recommended to play live blackjack Ireland in casinos holding a IrelandGC license instead of international ones. They also must have certificates which keep website data safe (SSL and eCogra). When you register and play live blackjack online for money, all of you data is encrypted and protected from being viewed by third parties. It applies to both your info and the payment details that you provide when you play live blackjack online.
  • Look for Best Live Blackjack Online Games by Top Software Providers. Live dealer blackjack games are so popular among gamblers that all casino games providers are issuing them. However, since there are more and more live blackjack casinos springing up lately, we cannot be sure that their games are fair to players. When it comes to popular gambling software providers, you can be sure that their games are safe and legit because they go through their testing for fairness. They are proven to be legit even before they are integrated into a live online blackjack casino. So, if you want to gamble for cash, make sure you play games developed by some of the biggest software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, IGT. They developed the safest and best card games.
  • Bonuses and Promotions for Live Dealer Games. Bonuses and rewards are one of the biggest perks of gambling online. With bonus systems, you can benefit from bonus spins or deposit matches, so you'll end up playing with a lot more money than you originally deposited. This is also great news for online live blackjack players. There are numerous bonuses which you can use to play. All best live online casinos offer different welcome bonus packages, but it's important to note that some of them cannot be used for live blackjack online and other live table games. Casino welcome bonuses are often connected to slot games, and they offer bonus spins or bonus cash which can be wagered on slots. So, if you're interested in playing live blackjack Ireland with a casino bonus, make sure you check the Terms and Conditions first before signing up and depositing. This way, you'll be sure that you'll get the offered deposit match or bonus cash when you play online blackjack live games.

How to Play Live Blackjack Online?

So, if you want to benefit from the flair of playing in a brick and mortar casino from the comfort of your own home, you'll have a lot of fun playing online blackjack live dealer games! Here's how to go about it:

  1. Choose Your Live Blackjack Casino & Sign Up There. It is not hard to find it – just look at our list of best Ireland online casinos and choose from there. After you’ve chosen the best online live blackjack casino, sign up there and make a deposit. The sign-up process is straightforward and it will only take a couple of minutes before you’ll be able to access best live blackjack online games. When you make a deposit, make sure you redeem the welcome bonus so you could play 21 with a casino bonus.
  2. Choose Your Favourite Live Blackjack Game. Live online blackjack games come in many different variants. You can choose single-hand or multi-hand one, different rules like the number when the dealer stands or hits and other features. If you’re playing in a live casino blackjack online which supports languages other than English as well, you’ll often find the games in languages such as German, Swedish or Italian.
  3. Place Your Bets. The way to play live blackjack Ireland is to place a bet. After that, the dealer deals 2 cards to you and 2 to himself. The maximum number to get is 21, after that it’s a bust. If you don’t get a 21, you can win by having a bigger combination than the dealer (under 21, of course). If you win, you will receive 2x your bet. If you and the dealer have the same result, that’s called a push, and your bet will be returned to you. You’ll also get a higher payout rate if you get a blackjack (ace and 10/K/Q/J).
  4. Hit & Win. After placing your bet and being dealt 2 cards, you have the option to HIT (receive another card), STAND (stop), SPLIT (split your cards and receive 2 new cards on them separately) and DOUBLE (if you think you have a high chance of winning). When you play live blackjack online for money, the dealer is your opponent, so you’ll have to beat his cards. The difference between you and him is that he is bound by certain rules, and you are not. He cannot split cards nor double your bet. He also can’t take insurance, so your blackjack will always be paid out 3:2 (except in the case of a push). In online blackjack live games, the dealer has the obligation to stand at 17 (most often), while, for example, you don’t have to. Take advantage of the dealer’s limitations and good luck!

Benefits of Playing Live Online Blackjack for Real Money

Live casino blackjack online is relatively different from other RNG games. While winning at RNG games depends on luck, RTP, game popularity and other factors, live blackjack Ireland does not use any kind of random number generator or any type of gaming software at all. There's only you and the casino dealer, so if you're skeptical about the fairness of casino games, you can be sure that what you see is what you get.

  • Real Atmosphere. As a gambler and fan of real blackjack online, you probably started by playing in the landbased casino. That is a special feeling and an atmosphere that is hard to replicate. However, in a live blackjack casino, you'll find that it feels just like a traditional one! In online blackjack live dealer games, you have the option to communicate with the dealer via chat or microphone. Another great thing about the atmosphere is that you're playing with actual physical cards, there's shuffling, dealing. It's all the same as in a casino, except you're in the comfort of your home!
  • Reliability and Fairness. These two concerns are some of the main ones when it comes to playing casino games online, but these worries are eliminated in a live blackjack online casino. Nowadays, there are many discussions online that RNG blackjack table games are fixed and have a greater losing rate than in a live dealer casino. Of course, in a legit casino website, this is not the case, because they go through multiple testing and auditing phases to ensure fairness and complete randomness. However, in an online blackjack live casino, randomness is not a concern since you are playing with a live dealer and you are able to see him deal cards in real-time.
  • Latest technologies. At the beginning of online gambling, a lot of players were skeptical about gambling in the Internet. Nowadays, online casinos trump offline ones in numbers! The reason for this is that best live blackjack casino sites offer cutting-edge technology, which provides next-level experience. From the comfort of your sofa, you can stream live casino blackjack online and play in real-time. You can even play via mobile when you're on the go. The iGaming industry has also seen great advances in the security area. Online live blackjack sites are protected with sophisticated security systems, so your data is safe and sound.

Disadvantages of Playing Live Online Blackjack for Real Money

Playing blackjack live online is not always all sunshine and rainbows. Here are some possible disadvantages and pitfalls.

  • Limited Range of Games. Although best live online blackjack sites have a wide offer of different game variants, in smaller gambling websites you'll notice that the range of games is somewhat limited. Casino live blackjack can often be found in with only one table, meaning one dealer, one set of rules and one table limit.
  • Higher Chances of Technical Issues and Errors. In the “Benefits” section, we've stated that modern technologies are cool when you play live blackjack for real money. However, since this technology is more sophisticated and requires a more stable connection, there is a higher chance that your live online blackjack game could be interrupted or experience technical issues. However, if you have a fast, secure and stable Internet connection, you will most likely not experience any difficulties of this type.
  • Bad Choice if You Have a Slow Internet Connection. If you have a slow Internet connection, even table games or RNG games can present a problem while loading. HTML5 and Flash technologies are easier to handle and download when you have a slow Internet connection, but the technologies used in live blackjack casino streaming require a good connection and much more data. If you don't have unlimited bandwidth and your connection is slow, it might be a better choice to play RNG blackjack as a casino table game instead of the online live blackjack Ireland version.

Mobile Live Blackjack

In recent ways, mobile gambling has become a predominant way for playing casino games online. Many gamblers choose to play with dealers from their smartphones whenever and wherever they want. Gone are those days when mobile casinos where regarded to be as some truncated versions of the original gambling website. Nowadays, they offer their visitor the same range of games and playing features as one can get when choosing to play at regular online blackjack casino with dealers.

Likewise, today there are plenty of mobile casinos that offer their users different variations of live dealer blackjack. This brings high rollers additional opportunities for gambling in whatever place they like. If you want to play blackjack with a real dealer from your smartphone, you may download an app for your Android or iOS device from the Google Play or App Store. Some mobile live blackjack sites offer their visitors such an option. However, it must be said that downloadable apps are often officially available only for online players from the Ireland who want to pay with real dealers.

Therefore, you will probably have to play with a live dealer from your mobile browser vice. In this case, apart from the fact that the range of available game variations might be smaller, you will not miss any gambling features or opportunities when playing with your dealer. There might be a slight inconvenience when you are playing blackjack with a live dealer at a mobile device. The UI that some low-quality casinos offer is annoyingly small so that we recommend you to follow the expert advice when picking yourself a platform for playing with dealers.
One important thing to keep in mind when you are going to play live mobile blackjack games is that there could be specific problems with an Internet connection if your bandwidth is not wide enough to continually support high quality audio and video streaming from the studio where the dealer is located.

In still other cases, you may have to pay a substantial sum of money to enable seamless gambling experience when playing live dealer blackjack with your smartphone or tablet. As we have mentioned above, some of the software development companies, such as NetEnt, are even making mobile blackjack live game offerings meant foremost for the smartphone users who like to play with real dealers. Therefore, we recommend you to use Wi-Fi connection for playing live dealer blackjack games at mobile devices to save money and avoid being frequently disconnected. From what has been said it should have become evident that mobile live blackjack games are a perfect option for players who want to enjoy superb gambling experience with a real dealer in virtually any place, be it a car or a café? And at the same time be able to bet big money and make huge wins.

Play Live Dealer Blackjack Games Online

Live Blackjack Software Developers

  1. Evolution Gaming operates since 2006 and currently has studios in Latvia and Malta where it offers the biggest number of casino tables in Europe where you can play with live blackjack dealers. It offers the classical version of online live dealer blackjack with 7 seat tables and an 8 shoe deck which is shuffled manually.
  2. Ezugi has been established in 2013 and has live blackjack casino studios all around the world, including such countries as Latvia, Romania, Israel, the Ireland, and Malta. It offers online players two versions of live online blackjack games: 7 seat table with an 8 Shoe Deck & unlimited live dealer blackjack with auto splits.
  3. NetEnt has launched its live blackjack online casino platform in 2013 from its studio in Malta. If you want to play live blackjack online from your smartphone, choose NetEnt games since this company strives to offer high quality mobile-first games.
  4. Playtech started to offer online blackjack dealer games in 2009. Today it has casino studios in Latvia, Romania, and Malta. This company offers both unlimited and 7 seat online blackjack with real dealers.
  5. Microgaming started to offer online live dealer blackjack games in 2010 from its casino studio in Toronto, Canada. If you choose to play blackjack online live dealer games provided by Microgaming you will get an outstanding video quality but with no opportunity to chat with the croupier.

Live Blackjack FAQ

Why to Play Live Blackjack Online?
As we have said, in live blackjack you can see a blackjack dealer, a person, who deals cards, and you even can communicate with him/her via the chat. Live blackjack online does not differ from its online versions and has the same rules. However, the excitement of playing online blackjack live in a real money casino is hard to compare with something else.
What is a difference between online and live blackjack games?
In live dealer blackjack this is a real human being who is dealing the cards in a casino studio. The whole process is video streamed so that thanks to a user interface you can interact with the dealer and other players. While online blackjack games are powered by a random number generator that is a specifically programmed algorithm which simulates the process when a deck of cards is being dealt by a live dealer.
Are rules and odds in live dealer blackjack the same?
Rules and odds in live dealer blackjack are the same as in its online RNG based variations or in real life casinos. Even more than that. There is no place for cheating in live dealer blackjack since computers which digitize the cards that are being dealt can detect any unusual combinations.
Do all casinos offer live online blackjack games?
No. Not all online casinos offer live dealer blackjack games. In our review, you can find the list of the best gambling platforms where you can play blackjack with live dealers.
Do casinos offer bonuses for live dealer blackjack?
Online casinos do offer bonuses for those of their visitors who are playing live dealer blackjack. Since blackjack is one of those games whose house edge is low, you will not usually see some huge bonuses offered for gamblers who are playing it with real dealers. However, if you follow the expert advice, you can definitely find some blackjack friendly online casinos where nice bonuses are awarded to visitors who want to play this card games with live dealers.
Can I tip to live dealer?
When you are playing live blackjack online real dealer can be tipped. Usually, at your UI there is a special section meant for tipping the dealer. But it should be mentioned that at some gambling platforms that offer live dealer blackjack among their games these tips may go to the casino owners.
What if a live dealer made a mistake?
If you see that casino dealer has made a mistake when playing live blackjack, you can ask the pit boss to check it. All live dealer blackjack games are filmed so that there is no difficulty in verifying whether there had been any mistakes or cheating.
Can I play live blackjack for free?
No. When you are playing any kind of live dealer casino games, you cannot do it for free to get some practice or just to find out what it is like. Since dealers are real people and not an algorithm, when dealing the cards at live blackjack tables they cannot do it for free.
Will dealer see me at live blackjack table?
No. Neither the dealer nor other players at the table can see you when you are playing live dealer blackjack games online. Only players can see the dealer. The dealer, however, only sees the names of players and the questions that they send him via chat.
Can I talk to live blackjack dealers?
You can chat with the dealer by typing your question or component in a special box at your UI. However, do not expect that the dealer will immediately answer your question. He simply may not see it at the moment or is busy dealing the cards. In any case, it is always a good idea to read the rules for chat rooms that are being established in your live dealer blackjack gambling platform so as not to be expelled for unknowingly violating them.
What languages are spoken at live casinos?
The language that you will most often find to be spoken at live dealer blackjack casinos is, of course, English. Apart from it, especially in Costa Rica based online casino, Spanish is often being spoken by dealers. But there are other languages supported so that you need to check particular gambling platforms to find out whether the language that you would like to communicate with is spoken by dealers there. When it comes to the language of your user interface there is usually a special option where you can choose the one you like.