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Top 3 Casinos to play for REAL Money
1 €1000+100FS
2 €500+200FS
3 €200

Live online roulette Ireland has gained a faithful following among fans of online gambling and it's pretty easy to understand why. With a combination of unpredictability and numerous odds, it's the perfect choice for anyone in search of a thrilling experience. There's also the fact that fans who play live roulette online for real money get to enjoy the ambience of a real-life casino without the added expense of a plane ticket and hotel bill and best of all, from the comfort of their own homes.

There are also the amazing varieties of this much-loved casino staple on the best live roulette casino sites and Ireland fans who intend to play them will be able to enjoy the very latest innovations available making for an especially unforgettable experience.

List of Top Live Roulette Casino Sites 2020

1 €1000+100FS Jonny Jackpot 1300+
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2 €500+200FS ZetCasino 1800+
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3 €200 Magic Red 585+
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4 €200 Zen Casino 1500+
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5 €500+20FS Wildblaster 1641+
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6 €100+100FS Betzest 1000+
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7 €500+100FS Boo Casino 1045+
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8 €1000 Spin Palace 450+
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9 €500+50FS The Online Casino 450+
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10 €1000+100FS Leo Vegas 965+
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Best Live Online Casinos for Roulette & Our Criteria

Live CasinoLive Roulette Games AvailableLive Dealer Bonus
Betway Live Casino2Up to £250
Leo Vegas Live Casino55Up to £250
William Hill Live Casino28Up to £100
Casino Room Live Casino2Up to £200
Winner Live Casino2Up to £300
Casumo Live Casino3Up to £300

Owing to the popularity of table games and the fact that several live roulette online Ireland fans are interested in enjoying games which can provide them with the next best thing to standard casinos, a large number of online gambling establishments provide live versions of these games and their variants. As a result, knowing just which one to pick is absolutely essential. Especially since making the right choice will not only mean playing at a secure site and experiencing games with the best quality but will also ensure you will receive generous bonuses and promotions as well.

And our team at Hex Casino has come up with a winning formula carefully summarized into a list on all you need to look for when it comes to selecting the best live roulette casinos. What's more, we've made it all available below to ensure that fans who play live roulette online can know just what to look for in order to enjoy the experience they deserve.

  • Licenses & Certificates: The very first thing you need to verify when selecting a live roulette casino is the status of the website in question in terms of licensing and security. For Ireland casinos, the establishments you are interested in must be licenced by the Ireland Gambling Commission. One of the most reputable licensing bodies, it is renowned for the high standards it demands from the online casinos under its authority. In addition to determining the legal status of the online roulette live casino you intend to register at, it is also important to take a close look at the security measures it provides. Top tier online establishments make use of 128 bit SSL encryption. What this does is ensure that any information transmitted from your device is encrypted and is therefore indecipherable to any individuals searching cyberspace for sensitive information to wrongly take advantage of. The presence of an eCogra emblem on an online casino's homepage is another criterion which is worth verifying as it signifies its commitment to ensuring games with fair outcomes.
  • Live Dealer Roulette Games by Top Casino Software Providers: Once the above criteria have been verified, your next priority should be the quality of games you can expect to enjoy at the best online live roulette casinos you have shortlisted. Fortunately, working that out is pretty easy as most reputable establishments provide a list of software providers they use. And in this case, all that is required is ensuring that the names featured are some of the most reputable in the online gambling sector. Names to look out for during your search for the best live online casino for roulette include those of heavyweights such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and IGT. The reason for this is because each one of these software companies has become synonymous with high quality games which incorporate the very latest technology ensuring you will be able to look forward to an optimal live online roulette experience.
    Examples of these include NetEnt's action-packed Rocket Roulette and Evolution Gaming's Immersive Roulette which provides a plethora of impressive camera angles and even replayed views showing the movement of the ball in slow motion.
    What's more, titles provided by these companies also have a reputation for fairness, which is especially important in ensuring you stand a reasonable chance of winning rather than playing a game which has actually been rigged in the casino's favour.
  • Bonus Offers for Live Dealer Online Games: Another factor which will need to be closely examined while shortlisting the best live roulette online casinos are the bonuses and promotions these establishments offer their clients for live dealer games. This is because while you can expect to enjoy these offers particularly as a newly registered player at most of these websites, they often come with a number of restrictions and conditions. Hence not all of them may be used for playing roulette online live. As a result, thoroughly checking each site's terms and conditions particularly where bonuses and promotions are concerned, is highly recommended. That is because taking the time out to ensure these stipulations will ensure you are in a position to make an informed choice in this regard.

How to Play Live Roulette Online?

Playing best live roulette online games is pretty much similar to playing the generic version of the game. Hence if you are a new player, looking up strategies and playing free versions of both regular and live roulette casino games will come in handy. If you are already familiar with live roulette Ireland, you will be able to settle down at the table of your choice, take the required steps and wait for the game to begin. However, there are a few extra details which are worth noting and we cover them in our brief guide to playing one of the most popular online casino games.

  1. Choose Your Live Roulette Casino & Join It. The first step involved in playing a game of live roulette online Ireland is selecting the website of your choice and going through the registration process. All you have to do is follow the guidelines at the beginning of the article to ensure you choose the best live online casino for roulette which deserves your custom and will provide you with a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
  2. Choose Your Favourite Roulette Type (European, American, French). Next, you will need to select which variant of live roulette Ireland you wish to play. The three main versions include European, French and American. European roulette has 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36. It also comes with an RTP of 97.3% making it a rather popular choice among players. French roulette is pretty similar to European roulette. However, it also comes with an additional set of rules which most players find favourable and this version is also popular among players. American roulette is also referred to as double-zero roulette. This is because it features an additional slot numbered 00 in addition to the slot numbered 0. This 38th option increases the number of possible outcomes, hence its RTP is merely 94.7%. Owing to these two factors, certain fans of the game advise against playing it and prefer to opt for French and European roulette instead.
  3. Place Your Bets. Once you've decided on what variant of real roulette to play, you will have to place your bets. This is done by deciding which slot you expect the ball to stop in. You will also get to use chips which have various values assigned to them. There is a 1-minute time frame permitted for this phase. And since that's not a lot of time, we recommend acting as quickly as possible to avoid hearing the dealer announce that no more bets are permitted while you're still placing yours.
  4. Spin the Wheel & Win. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer spins the wheel. All you have to do during this phase is to watch the outcome and hope that your strategies have worked out and that great luck is on your side too.
    The winning number will be indicated on the table once the ball stops. Following the end of the game, payments will then be issued to the lucky winners.

Advantages of Playing Live Roulette Online for Real Money

Like every aspect of online casino gaming, playing live roulette online for real cash comes with its own set of perks. As can be attested to by fans of the game, these benefits include the opportunity to experience the thrill of the ambience in best live casino without the need to plan for an expensive trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau or Monte Carlo. They also include the fact that live games such as roulette, come with a reputation for fairness. This is in contrast to RNG games which are believed to be fraudulent in nature and rigged against the player in certain player circles.

In addition to the above benefits, playing roulette live online games at the best gambling websites means that players will get to experience the very latest technology the sector has to offer. Below we examine each of these points in detail to ensure you are able to view the main benefits you stand to gain when you play live roulette online for real money.

  • Land-Based Casino Atmosphere: The opportunity to enjoy a gaming experience which is as close as possible to be at a real casino is one of the main reasons for the popularity of live online casino for roulette. In addition to the added convenience of being able to experience it from your favourite spot in your home, there is also the fact that you can actually get to interact with the live roulette online casino dealer as well as other players which makes for a more involved experience. Best of all, you can also get to choose from a variety of betting tables which each come with their own settings. There is also the fact that new technologies capable of enhancing the live gaming experience further, are constantly being released.
  • Fair Play: The fairness of casino games has always been up for debate. And there's no doubt that this issue has been complicated further by certain casinos which have been known to feature rigged games as part of their collections. Particularly since no online casino client ever wants to spend their hard-earned cash wagering on a game only to find out that the casino has no intention of letting them win. And the lack of trust regarding RNG games is one reason why offerings such as online casino roulette live are so popular. Because they do not rely on Random Number Generators. As a result, there is no possibility of any dishonest dealings on the part of the live roulette casinos or their software providers ever occurring. This, in turn, provides clients with a guarantee that they will be able to place wagers and have a fair chance of winning too.
  • Newest Technologies: When online casinos first came on the scene, no one would have guessed that it would be someday possible to play best live roulette online games. But today, it is actually possible to not only do just that at the best live roulette Ireland casinos but also play it on the go. And it's all thanks to leading casino software providers such as Evolution Gaming. And that is far from being all live online roulette Ireland fans can look forward to. Recent advances in technology mean that it is now possible to enjoy rapid, action-packed gaming sessions, view live games from various angles and watch detailed replays of the roulette ball hitting the winning number.

Disadvantages of Playing Live Roulette Online for Real Money

In spite of the ever-increasing popularity of live roulette games, there are also a few drawbacks as well. The main disadvantages include the number of games on offer at most live roulette Ireland casinos compared to other categories of games such as progressive jackpots and especially slots.

There is also the fact that these games come with a higher probability of technical problems which can be rather stressful when wagering cash. In addition, these games can be rather unforgiving in the event of your connection suddenly slowing down. Below we have examined all these drawbacks in detail in order to provide you with a clearer picture of them.

  • Limited Range of Live Dealer Roulette Games: Compared to other categories of games provided by online casinos, live roulette Ireland, as well as other games belonging to the same genre, are pretty limited. Hence while you will be likely to find an extensive selection of slots and progressive jackpots, that range of options turns out to be rather limited once you get to table games and live games in particular. The latter are considered somewhat expensive and the cost involved may be one reason online casinos are limited to providing a reduced number of titles.
  • Possibility of Errors: One thing you can be certain of when playing roulette at any land-based casino is the fact that there is no risk of any errors occurring. The same, however, cannot be said where their online counterparts are involved. And as can be imagined, the last thing any client wants to experience when wagering their hard earned cash, are technical hiccups. Nevertheless, this is an eventuality which they will need to take into consideration when opting to play live roulette online Ireland.
  • Bad Choice if You Have a Slow Internet Connection: While certain online casino games may tolerate slow internet speeds, live online roulette does not. Hence another eventuality players will need to consider is the possibility of lag, which may affect their gameplay. However certain casino software providers are known to have taken this issue into account in order to provide games which are more robust in this regard. That said most titles provided by the majority of these websites still remain susceptible to changes in Internet speed.

Mobile Live Roulette Ireland

You can think these benefits are enough to start playing online roulette with a live dealer but what will you say if we tell you that it can get even better? Now, you can take your favourite online casino game anywhere you go as some of the best online casinos are now offering the live dealer mobile roulette that you can play on your smartphone or tablet. Now all you need to play live mobile roulette games is the reliable internet connection, charged the battery on your mobile device and a couple of minutes to spend on online gambling. Why play the live mobile roulette when you can just play the regular one?

  1. First of all, live casino games are portable. No need to travel to the land-based casinos, no need to stay home near your PC — now you can play roulette online anytime and anywhere, whether you are waiting for boarding in the airport or having your cappuccino during the lunch break in the office.
  2. You are getting high quality on a smaller screen. God bless modern technologies, you can play the real dealer online roulette on any kind of smartphone or tablet and still get the decent quality of graphics, sound, and gameplay.
  3. Variety is fun. Even the live dealer online roulette can get slightly boring when you play it a lot, but mobile games can ring the changes in your gambling routine and let you try something new.
  4. Mobile players are getting more. To attract more players, some of the live dealer casinos give special bonuses to those playing online on their mobile device. Thus, you can get the larger deposit bonus to spend on the live dealer online roulette or the access to the just-released games or whatever else mobile casinos will invent for you.

Mobile casino games are getting more and more popular every day and have already gained more fans than the regular live dealer games. So don’t miss a chance to join them and try the mobile live roulette casino games on your smartphone or tablet in one of the mobile casinos from our list, where all best live online casinos for roulette have been carefully checked and approved to meet the highest quality standards.

Play Live Roulette Online: 10+ Best Games of 2020

Live Online Roulette Casino Developers

Live online roulette games are getting more and more fans every day and thus the number of live dealer roulette developers increases accordingly. Today, among the best and the most popular live gambling games developers we can distinguish:

Evolution GamingEvolution Gaming offers one of the largest selections of the live dealer roulette options from the simple European and American ones to more complicated Double Ball and Speed Roulette online games.
EzugiAs for now vendor only has one live dealer roulette game to play which is also available for mobile devices.
NetEntFamous for its mobile video slots, NetEnt has also mastered the art of mobile live games to create the perfect online roulette with its special bonuses and the highest quality of graphics and gameplay available. Definitely check it out if you are into mobile gambling.
PlaytechSoftware several kinds of best live roulette online games in its collection but the best part is that the company is one of the first to use the augmented reality technologies to create even more immersive online gambling experience.
MicrogamingThe last but definitely not least is Microgaming — the company that always has something to impress the players. Today, it’s the special Playboy online dealer games selection for those who like to admire the beauty while gambling.

Live Roulette Casino Types

Even though the live roulette online rules are more or less similar everywhere, there are some small differences depending on the online casino and the type of the roulette live you are playing. Here are the main kinds of online roulette that you’ll find in every best live online casino for roulette from our list.

American Live Roulette

While the European roulette is considered to be the classical version of the game, the American online live roulette slightly differs in its wheel design. In addition to the regular set of pockets it has the double zero one so when you play live roulette of this kind, you have more options to choose from which slightly increases the house edge. Besides, the numbers around the American live roulette wheel are located in a logical order.

European Live Roulette

The live dealer European roulette is the original version of the game and probably the most popular one. It only has a single zero pocket while the double zero is missing and the numbers around the wheel are located in a completely random order. There are also some differences in the way the roulette game is played like the “en prison” rule that allows the player to save the losing bet when the ball stops on the 0 pocket. Due to the lower house edge, the European online roulette is considered to be the best live roulette both among the beginners and the professional high stakes players.

High Stakes Live Roulette

If we are talking about the high rollers, there is a special kind of no limit roulette that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding gamblers. Will you have the courage to place as much of a bet as $50000 for a spin in a best live roulette online? If you do, try your luck and play the live roulette with high limits to get a chance to win big.

Still have questions about the live roulette game? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions given by our experts.

Live Roulette Ireland FAQ

❓ What is the difference between online and live roulette games?
The difference between the simple online roulette and online roulette live hides in the world “live”. When you play live roulette online, you can see the dealer spinning the wheel just like you would do it in the land-based casino. The gaming process is being streamed via the high-quality cameras to create the atmosphere of the real casino in an online one.
❓ Are rules and odds in live roulette the same?
The odds may depend on the live roulette online casino you are playing in, but the rules are usually all the same everywhere. If you’ve played the regular online or offline roulette at least once, you won’t have any problems playing the online casino live roulette.
❓ Do all casinos offer live roulette games?
Unfortunately, not yet. Real live roulette casino is now getting more and more popular but only the small selection of the online casinos has already included it in its game collections. We carefully select those casinos so that you always have a place to play roulette live for real money.
❓ Do casinos offer bonuses for live roulette?
Of course! Almost every roulette live casino has the special offers and bonuses for those playing the live game. These are usually the deposit bonus and some special offers for the selected games.
❓ Can I tip to a roulette live dealer?
Yeah. Real dealer online casinos were created to replicate the real casino experience so you can tip the roulette live dealer just like you would do it in the land-based gambling hall. Be generous and the luck will pay you back!

❓ What if a live dealer made a mistake?
Only the professionals can work for the reliable online casinos from our list, but even the most experienced online roulette live dealer is a human being that can make a mistake. In disputable situations, a live casino manager will be called to the table to work everything out so you can be sure the game is going to be fair whatever happens.
❓ Can I play live roulette for free?
No, live games are the games that can’t be played just for fun. You’ll need to play the roulette online live for real money but you can always start from the smaller bets and progressively increase them to the higher ones when you get more experience.
❓ Will dealer see me at live roulette table?
No, you can play the roulette live online while wearing your favourite pyjamas. The only thing a dealer will see is your name on the screen and you’ll be able to see them perform the whole gaming process.
❓ Can I talk to live online roulette dealers?
You’ll not be able to talk to the dealers out loud, but there is always a live chat available to interact with the dealer and with other players around the roulette table.
❓ What languages are spoken at live casinos?
As usual, best live online casino for roulette offers several languages to choose from so that you can play every game using your own language. English is obviously the most popular one but you can also play roulette in German, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Slovakian, and so on. Some languages are more widespread, some are less, but with the help of our list, you will always be able to find the casino where they speak your own language.