online bingo Bingo, the game that was first introduced in Italy in the 16th century, is experiencing renaissance thanks to online bingo sites. What was reserved for retirement homes is now a favourite choice of players in online casinos worldwide. When casinos first introduced bingo online, no one was expecting it to be such a hit.

Based on ticking off numbers on specially designed cards, this fun and exciting game is attracting thousands of players in Ireland each day. In this in-depth article, we will not only try to introduce you to the main rules and types of bingo online, regulation of online bingo but to the best sites and casino reviews, as well.

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Best Bingo Sites 2021

Sun Bingo
£40 Sun Bingo 150+
10 FS CrackerBingo 50+
10 FS YayBingo 300+
Blighty Bingo
10 FS Blighty Bingo 300+
$2500 Richprize 2000+

How We Review Bingo Sites?

Bingo is a fun game, but players need to find a reputable casino to make it a safe game. To help you make a decision, we are publishing online bingo site reviews regularly. With an independent and professional approach, we managed to sum up the most important aspects and features of online bingo casinos to deliver concise and balanced reviews that will help you understand what every site has to offer. Find out what elements are characteristic of the best online bingo reviews.

Welcome Bonuses

Any reputable online casino usually offers online bingo bonuses. These valuable promotions can help you make up your mind about the online casino, but they shouldn’t be the only criteria.

Here are the most common types of bingo online bonuses:


The Irish online bingo community is rapidly growing, so why not be a part of it. Bingo in Ireland is regulated by the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956, but players can expect some changes soon as the Government suggested some legal updates. However, after a harsh backlash from the industry and bingo fans, they had to tone down the criteria.

Whether a casino is regulated can be easily found out by looking at their website’s footer, as regulated minimum deposit online casinos proudly highlight their regulated status. Some of the casinos also hold the eCOGRA seal. eCOGRA is an independent testing agency specialized in online gaming and systems.

Games Selection

There are several different types of bingo games offered in every online casino or bingo site. The rules are more or less the same, but some slight differences make bingo both exciting and easy to understand. Most online casinos also offer other games like slots, sic bo, craps online, poker, and betting. These games have lucrative payouts and free games that can keep you entertained while taking a break from bingo. Keep in mind that you can use earnings made in any of those games to buy more bingo cards.

Mobile Compatibility

Did you know that the worldwide mobile gaming market is expected to be worth $53,755.7 million by the end of 2025, with Europeans taking the lead in mobile gaming at the moment with a share of over 57%?

No wonder mobile casinos are racing to create reliable and innovative mobile bingo sites. Bingo is going mobile because players don’t want to wait for Sunday afternoon but play whenever they feel like it. This advantage, provided by modern technology, will take your playing to a whole new level.

Software providers

You don’t need to know anything about the technology to play online bingo. Still, it is recommended to know some popular software providers in the industry: Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, NETentertainment, PlayN’Go, Virtue Fusion… Most of these bingo software providers offer not one but several different bingos playing layouts that reflect their brand and identity while offering a thrilling gaming experience at the same time.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Before you start playing in any online bingo rooms, you will have to register and then make a deposit. While there is a welcome bonus available in most online casinos and best bingo sites, players must make a deposit sooner or later to play online bingo for real money. The minimum deposit is usually around €10, while withdrawals can be conditioned with wagering requirements.

Every online casino has a different set of deposit and withdrawal options, but some are more common than the others. Usually, players can choose

How to Play Bingo Online?

Bingo has found its way to Ireland from Italy, France, and the United Kingdom in the 18th century, only to become increasingly popular in the 1920s. It has been captivating players ever since, mostly because it is a very dynamic, exciting and competitive game.

The basic rules of bingo are the same, whether you play online or in a bingo community in your church.

Bear in mind that you will have to open a playing account with an online casino before you play bingo online. Most casinos have a pretty simple registration form that you need to fill out. Enter your name, address, valid phone number and email address. Make sure to use your real personal information. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw any profits.

Players who want to play larger volumes can always accept a bonus upon their registration, but don’t forget that every bonus has specific wagering requirements that can affect the withdrawal process. Also, pay attention to free games and cards, but don’t let that take all your attention. It is important to stay focused while playing online bingo, as some bingo rooms require more manual action than others.

Types of Bingo Games

There may seem to be endless types of bingo games, but most of them fall in one of the 4 categories. They are branded differently to make them more appealing for different audiences or be more suitable for local markets. Here are the most important types of bingo games:

Advantages of Playing Online Bingo

Bingo is an exciting and highly dynamic game available to you any time of day and no matter where you live. Online players can play even more tickets at once than players who do it offline while receiving lucrative offers such as bonuses and promotions at the same time. And don’t forget about the free games and free cards that are not always available in traditional bingo establishments.

Bingo games nowadays are more alluring than ever, thanks to clever design and exciting features. You can play bingo in an online casino in a more manual or automated way, depending on how you like it. Players can still cross every number by themselves, activate the BINGO button, activate the auto-playing mode, and follow what is happening. This makes online bingo game very attractive for all types of players, even those new to the entire online playing experience.

Online bingo mobile apps are another great advantage – you can play your favourite game when you feel like it, even if you are spending a relaxing day at the beach or commuting on a train. It is convenient, practical, and, most of all, – safe (as long as you don’t share your login data with anyone else). If you decide to play online bingo, you will get access to hundreds and hundreds of other casino games you can play for fun or simply win more money to buy even more bingo tickets. Bingo also has a fantastic online community of players that hang around in the chat room. While this might seem a bit weird initially, you will soon recognize all the nicknames and know exactly who will be your company for that day.

So let’s sum up all the advantages of playing online bingo:

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Online Bingo FAQ

1️⃣ Is it legal to play bingo online in Ireland?
Yes, it is legal to play bingo online in Ireland as long as the bingo site or the casino is licensed. It can be licensed by an offshore regulatory body (like Malta Gaming Authority) or by local Irish regulators. Bingo in Ireland is regulated under the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956. Make sure to check for the regulated status on the bottom part of the casino’s website.
2️⃣ How safe is online bingo?
Online bingo is safe to play as long as you play with a regulated casino or bingo site. It is always recommended to follow basic principles of online safety, as well: don’t share your login data with anyone, don’t send your personal information unless you are sure you are sending it to casino’s employees, and in case of a doubt – always double-check. Before signing up with a casino, make sure to read or reviews and find out which one suits you best.
3️⃣ What are Bingo Rooms?
A bingo room is a virtual room where you can play bingo, just like you would in a traditional bingo establishment. However, in this case, the game never stops, and you can play as long and as much as you like. It is a place where you can buy your tickets, follow the game progress and celebrate winnings.
4️⃣ What is Online Bingo Communities?
Online bingo communities are groups of people who hang around in the chatroom and develop strong bonds, just like players in classic bingo establishments. They sometimes choose a certain time of day to play and hang around together.

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