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Top 3 Casinos to play for REAL Money
1 €400+400FS
2 €1500+150FS
3 €1100+375FS

Gaming has never been better! For every lover of online games, especially ones that have free slots, here is the most attractive offer of all time. Newbies, as well as pros, are allowed to either gain hands-on experience or test their skills at gaming. If you are looking for the right place to play free slots online, we have tons of websites to choose from. We are the best at what we do. Ranging from free video slot games online to casino slot machines, games with no download slots and lots more, you are stuck with us. Choosing us means you have chosen to play free slot machine games as you go. Leave your worries as soon as you click on our free online casino slot and enjoy our world of games for as long as you want.

Do you have thoughts about payment? Oh no! Get on our website and see for yourself. Our slot machine games are free, with zero thoughts of deposits or payments. We know how much you want to learn, and we are here to help you do just that. Get to know the 5-star casinos through the reviews available on our website.

As you read, we hope to show you that our free slots online are truly not for real money. And so, regulars are visitors alike are all welcome to our one-stop-shop website to satisfy all your gaming desires.

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Ireland Online Slots: The Evolution of Gambling

Ever heard of the terms “wager”, “stakes”, “bets”, “chance” and lots more? They mean no other thing, and indeed, are little pieces that fit the puzzle of what is known as gambling today. Did it just start? Not! Gambling has been in existence before the era of the pen and paper. By this, we mean before events and incidents were ever recorded. As far back as the first millennium, bets were made on animals who were made to enter into a fighting game, dominoes and lotto games in China while bets have been placed on horses in racecourses of Great Britain for over 300 years now. With the turning of the 17th century, it could be traced to the US, having taken on the name “Poker”. It would interest you to know that the first-ever popular casino- the Ridotto- was said to have been in operation in Italy, in 1638.

Today, gambling is couched in different names and have spurred the emergence of casino clubs, of which Las Vegas is home to the largest casino markets, with Asia, the UK, Asia Pacific, Singapore, Africa and other parts of Europe in tow. Now, everyone can have access

10+ Best Ireland Slot Sites of 2020

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1 €400+400FS Twin 900+
  • ecopayz casino
  • mastercard casino
  • neteller casino ie
  • paysafecard casino ie
  • skrill casino ie
  • trustly casino
2 €1500+150FS Playzee 1172+
  • boku casino ie
  • mastercard casino
  • neteller casino ie
  • paypal casino ie
  • paysafecard casino ie
  • skrill casino ie
3 €1100+375FS CasiGo 1243+
  • apple pay casino 1
  • boku casino ie
  • mastercard casino
  • neteller casino ie
  • paypal casino ie
  • paysafecard casino ie
4 €1000+300FS Casinomia 1476+
  • ecopayz casino
  • mastercard casino
  • neteller casino ie
  • skrill casino ie
  • visa casino ie
5 €1000+150FS True Flip 1361+
  • bitcoin casino ie
  • ecopayz casino
  • mastercard casino
  • visa casino ie
6 €300 Hyper 400+
  • ecopayz casino
  • mastercard casino
  • neteller casino ie
  • paypal casino ie
  • paysafecard casino ie
  • skrill casino ie
7 €1600 Jonny Jackpot 1300+
  • mastercard casino
  • neteller casino ie
  • paypal casino ie
  • paysafecard casino ie
  • skrill casino ie
  • trustly casino

Online Slots Terminology Explained

To have a mind-blowing gaming experience, every lover of games, especially online slot machines, you need to be well-armed with the basic terminologies. If you’ve never heard of some terms for casino slot machines, or how to use some to your advantage, this is the time to do so. If you have some skill with, this is the time to expand your gambling vocabulary. Now, check these out.

  • Action: This is the sum of all wins in the game, including the sum gained or lost.
  • Autospin: As the term implies, you can automatically spin numbers in the game.
  • Betting Unit: Being the same as credit, they are used to wager. The denomination of the slot machine you play on determines the worth of betting units.
  • All Ways: This is an online slot machine game that allows for a lot of pay lines.
  • Certified Slots: These are slot machines that have a sure payout possibility of about a hundred percent.
  • Candle: This feature is used to desire a change from the operator of the game, through the ‘help’ and ‘service’ icons. You usually find it at the upper part of the game, with a shining light.
  • Doubles: When multiple symbols appear on the screen, it means your winning sum is either doubled or tripled. You find this as a common feature of online slot machines.
  • Drops: Just as may be inferred, the symbols ‘drop’ into position on the reel. This is now available for play on online slot machine games.
  • Multipliers: It’s a feature which allows you to multiply your winning sum in multiple folds.
  • Bet Min: With every spin, you can bet some credits on a slot machine. Hence, the least number of credits you can bet is known as the minimum bet.
  • Bet Max: This is the exact opposite of bet min. The highest payout amount is summed up for the bet max spins. Bet max is the highest number of credits you can bet on a slot machine. It is also available on free casino slots.
  • Big Hit: You have a really big hit when you hit the jackpot.
  • Bonus Game: is up for grabs, allowing for free slot machine games or cash winnings.
  • Collect: This is a feature that allows you to change every coin or credit to real money.
  • Free Spin: This usually comes with the bonus game package, helping you to a free extra spin. Try out some free spins on our casino slot games online.
  • Wild Symbols are not consistent. They frequently change, depending on the symbol necessary for a win.
  • Hot Slots: Players use this feature on slot machines online to get or increase their chances of being paid out.
  • Nudge and Hold: while the former allows the player to set a great payline combination by nudging the reels up or down, the latter helps to hold a whole reel down while the others are in motion.
  • Jackpot: When you hit the jackpot, you win big, obtaining to an ultimate prize or highest sum obtainable from a slot machine. This is available on our casino slot machines online.
  • Payout: The moment you enter the right combination of symbols on the slot machine and win, the amount won is the payout.
  • Pick me: These are symbols that have cash value on the bonus game.
  • Short Pay: results from insufficient funds in the slot machine, thereby paying the player only half, while the rest is handed over to him.
  • Progressive Jackpot gives a player a percentage of funds from other players and accumulates them till he can cash it out.
  • Auto Play helps a player play activate the auto mode a game without having to always spin.

While this list of gaming terminology is inexhaustible, you may check out our online slot machines to try out what you have just learned with free slots online.

Step by Step Guide

Playing on a slot machine, whether land-based or mobile casino sites, requires some cunning. Especially for beginners, you need to start honing your skills if you want to last in any game. Read on to learn and be properly guided.

  • Step #1: Learn the basic terminologies for playing online slots for real money. Thank goodness you have tons of them listed above. Check more out on online slots Ireland and expand your gaming vocabulary.
  • Step #2: Spin the reels fast. Especially in a tournament with a limited duration of play, you simply need to spin fast to increase your chances of winning. Train your hands to be super-fast and adept to play; it would pay off eventually.
  • Step #3: Don’t ever dull. Active minds always win. As stated above, you need some cunning. As much as you need this, you need some super-smartness from yourself. For online slot machine games, there is the need to be in the perfect state of mind to prevent regrets. You do not want to waste your time. However, there is always room for practice with free slots online, playing for as long as you wish.
  • Step #4: Play with your best strategies. As a player, you need a workable plan before any game. Of course, your opposition is well armed for the competition and tournaments can be bad. With a great strategy and back-ups, you can make your way safely through the beginning, middle and late stages.
  • Step #5: Focus! Whoever plays games with a distracted mind except those with no minds of winning? For an A-game, converge all you have learned, your skills and style into the game and you only have yourself to thank when you hit the jackpot.

How to Win Online Slots

The end game of any player is to win. So what you would ordinarily find on the minds of every player sitting at a game is to win, and to win fast! This part is aimed at showing you how to get this done with the least stress possible playing top casinos for real money.

  • Gain knowledge of the technicalities of playing online slots: You need to play frequently to gain experience. Thanks to free slots online, you can visit online slots any time of the day, anywhere you are. The more you play for free, the more fun you have, and the more confident you become. You may also ask professional players around you to give you tips on how they got to the pro stage. No knowledge is too fickle to discard when it comes to online slot games.
  • Play games that have bonus rounds and features: since symbols here have cash value, it gives you a sense of achievement that is rewarding. 3D games and online slot games that are themed usually come with a bonus package to optimize. Play enough online slot machine games to gain hands-on experience before you play for real money.
  • Know the online slot game that most suits you, not every game is one size to fit all. Thanks to the abundance of casinos around today, much more are they available online. You can try out dozens of them, especially the ones that offer free online slot games. From the themed games like ‘Shadow of the Panther’, ‘Enchanted Unicorn’, ‘Wolf Run Slot Game’, ‘Egypt Sky Slot Game’, and a host of many others, a world of adventure and fun awaits you.
  • Play online slot games that you can get lots of benefits from always to aim for games that have great attractions like multipliers, free spins, scatters, or any of the wilds for better winning advantages. It couldn’t be any better; the free online slots from casinos listed on our websites will give you these games and more with no download slots or registration slots. Just play as you go.
  • Play games that have attractive jackpots: by ‘attractive’, we mean huge jackpot prizes. Although you can start small, there is nothing wrong in trying out your luck with online slot games that have great winnings and ultimate prizes for grabs. Gambling is a game of chance, isn’t it?

Best Strategies for Playing Slot Games

Just like building a house, you need the architectural plan, before you lay the foundation and the building blocks for a beautiful result. Gambling is a game of great possibilities as much as great uncertainties. If your odds aren’t right, you may be heading for a frustrating game, with loss of money. Now, isn’t it much better when you can as well play free online slot games before you play for real money? Here are the best gaming strategies for your online slots practice…

  • Fill your mind and your head with real tips that have been proven to work in almost all circumstances.
  • Play when you know that you are both patient and swift with your hands, especially when each tournament has a short duration.
  • Use lots of no deposit bonuses. This is usually made available by casinos offering free slot games online.
  • Go for casino slot machines online that offer free spins. Since gambling has become highly competitive, a lot of casinos want to retain their traffic and generate even more. Well, this can pay you in the long run because you can play for free, fun and gain more skill while you win.
  • Increase your chances of winning multiple lines by optimizing bet max. Free slots afford you a better chance at it.
  • Check out games that have great cash values. This is known as the paytable.

Useful Free Online Slots Tips

  • Take advantage of free credits to play.
  • Don’t take unreasonable chances.
  • Play more of simple games.
  • Play with coins.
  • Never mind when the due payout is.
  • Stop at a convenient spot.

Main Online Slot Types

  • Classic Slots have been in existence for as long as you can imagine, and have not changed much. They feature the one-armed bandit and bar bandit.
  • Progressive Slots: these are compatible with multiple types of slot machines. It works by piling up little amounts of deposits, the total of which may accumulate into a whopping jackpot.
  • Jackpot Slots: they feature win lines with less attractive games. They are great for bankroll management and have fewer payouts.
  • 3D Slots are games with sound graphics, allowing the player to be part of the game. Thanks to an upgrade in technology. Are very popular at the new casinos online.
  • Mobile Slots are slots that have been adjusted to be compatible with various devices such as android phones.
  • Tournaments are available in big casinos with fixed credits and the biggest pot wins. Since a lot of players are involved, the ability to evade distractions, swiftness, and focus are great skills for wins.
  • Penny Slots: these allow players to invest by gambling with at least 1 cent per line.
  • Fruit Machines come in various fruit icons like bells and BARS, placed on 3 reels.
  • Video Slots are an improvement on old slot machines. They come in video version with special features, bonuses, regular payouts and win lines.

Play Free Slots from the Best Providers

If you are looking to playing the best games on the best online slots, then you are home. Our website is the best place to find free slots listed, while you can play for real money when your confidence is built. For regular players as well as beginners, there are fancy games to meet your requirement. We’ve got only the best providers of free slots online with the opportunity to play the most exciting games of all times. Try out the best games from the best online game developers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Ezugi and Evolution Gaming. They give you Real-Time Action, connecting time and space for an amazing game.

NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Playtech are no doubt the top-rated game developers with world-famous games. Enjoy free slots online with top quality graphics that are unparalleled. In addition to this, players can play with the most interactive gaming technology. NetEnt, for example, has one of the highest payouts ever recorded. Most of the games produced by Ezugi can be played without having to download them, and without real money too.

For all games that have amazing bonuses, wilds scatters and huge jackpots, our website is the one-stop-shop to find them.
If you are particular about blockbuster themes, games with excellent video quality, themes and graphics to make you feel like you are in the game, then, we are even happier to inform you of your success in finding the right game destination. Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Ezugi, Microgaming and NetEnt are great software which are compatible with mobile devices. Now, you can play on the go and have access to the widest variety of free slots online you can ever imagine. Now is the perfect time to optimize your wins with the best game providers. So why not join the fun and let the games begin?

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Online Slot Machine Games FAQ

ᐅ What are free slots?
Free slots are slots that enable you to play as you go, with no requirements that necessarily stop the fun of gaming. With the advent of more casinos, there is even more competition in the casino markets. Hence, casinos make free online slots available to attract new players to their and to retain the old. Gaming continues to get better. With some of these gaming slots, there is no notification asking you to verify your payment option, neither is there any need for download slot. At any time of the day for as long as you so desire, you are never late to take advantage of the premium games. So, you can play for free before you start playing for real money.
ᐅ Is it possible to rig online slot machines?
Of course not! There is a tern known as RNG; it is an acronym for Random Number Generator which select slot machine results at random from all the possible combinations. This way, online slot machines can never be rigged.
ᐅ How do I get free coins on quick hit slots?
During a game, players may use the quick hit slot feature. This instantly gets them credited with free coins. If nothing is left, they may wait for some time or re-launch the game.
ᐅ How do I choose the right online slots?
Usually, on slot machines, there is a term known as ‘Return to Player’ (RTP), a feature which lets a player know the odds of him winning while playing an online slot. It is a percentage of his total wins, over the total number of stakes he plays at the end of the day. Players should always have it in mind to play higher denominations to enhance their chances of winning. The higher the denomination, the greater your chances are.
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