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PayForIt is a mobile payment provider established by the most significant British mobile companies – 3, EE, Vodafone, etc. This app's instant success is mostly due to its safety, as the app has to confirm the vendor's request to add this payment method to their list. This payment method is available only to users from the UK and Ireland, making it a more localized payment solution.

Players who want to use PayForIt to deposit in an online casino must have a “pay as you go” or prepaid mobile contract. To make a transaction, you will have to use your phone, and the invoiced amount will either be taken from the prepaid amount you have on your mobile phone, or added to the monthly bill. Online casinos that accept PayForIt are more popular than ever and are among the top choices among Irish casino players.

How to Use PayForIt in Online Casinos

PayForIt is a convenient method for mobile payments of all kinds, and not only in PayForIt mobile casinos. Every PayForIt mobile casino will have this payment method listed on their website. If you are not sure whether this payment system is accepted at a certain casino, ask customer support for more information. Before you even deposit with PayForIt accepted online casinos, you will have to register with the casino and make this payment type. PayForIt transactions are instant, and it is good to know how to use it in advance so you can start playing ASAP.

How to Sign Up

There is no way to sign up with PayForIt as it is not a typical eWallet. It is rather a platform developed by several teleoperators used to make transactions, as agreed by all sides included. If you want to play in online casinos that take PayForIt, you will first have to make sure to own a phone number with one of the companies that developed it. You can use:

If you have a mobile phone number with one of these companies, all you have to do is select this payment method once you decide to make a transaction.


With PayForIt payment casinos, you will have to make a small deposit to enjoy popular games like PayForIt slots. The deposit is usually set to a €10 minimum, but it can also be higher or lower. Unlike with other methods, with PayForIt, you don't have to make an additional deposit payment with the payment provider. The deposited amount will be deducted from your “pay as you go” balance or added to your monthly phone bill.

The deposit via PayForIt can be made in few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your casino account and visit the banking section. Click the “Deposit button”.
  2. Find the PayForIt method.
  3. Click it, enter the desired amount and submit your phone number.
  4. You will receive a special code you will have to enter on the depositing interface.
  5. Submit the code and enjoy your instant deposit!


Players must be aware that it is impossible to make a withdrawal by using this payment method. Online casinos using PayForIt depositing will, however, offer you a whole variety of methods you can use for withdrawing your money. Depending on the payment method you choose, you may have to pay a small fee and wait up to 5 days to receive the money. eWallets are the cheapest and fastest withdrawal options, while bank wire tends to be the most expensive and slowest.

Minimum Deposit

Best PayForIt casino sites have a minimum deposit set at around €10. Some casinos will have a minimum set to a different amount but considering that there is strong competition on who will be the cheapest and most affordable casino, you shouldn't have trouble finding one that fits your spending plan.

The minimum transaction supported by PayForIt is between €5 and €10, so you shouldn't have any difficulties in depositing at your favourite PayForIt deposit casinos.

Additional Fee and Withdrawal Time

Online casinos with PayForIt deposit won't charge any extra fees, which means that all the money you transfer can be used for playing exciting games and enjoying live casino sites. Also, your teleoperators won't charge any fees either. All this makes PayForIt a cheap and instant method, perfect for those willing to play in online casinos.

Unfortunately, as previously stated, it is impossible to make a withdrawal by using this method. We suggest trying eWallets for instant transactions.

Pros and Cons

PayForIt is popular all over Ireland, but is it the right method for you? While many people use it without a second thought, others are suspicious about their personal information and the safety of the money transfers executed via the mobile network. We will provide you with a balanced overview of all advantages and disadvantages that come with this method.



PayForIt in Ireland

With almost 4 million smartphones, Ireland is well equipped for using PayForIt. One of the main companies behind this method is Vodafone, with 2.4 million users in Ireland, followed by Three with 2.2 million active users. Considering how there are 4.8 million of Irish, it can be concluded how almost every person in Ireland, whether young or old, has access to this popular paying method. Every year, they spend 2.9 billion Euros on online transactions and an additional 1.3 billion for an in-app purchase.

Most of these payments are executed via credit and debit cards, with eWallets following them fast. This means that PayForIt still has some space for improvement and establishing itself as a reliable, safe, trendy and useful mobile payment solution. It's not only for online shopping but for online casinos as well, especially considering that the list of PayForIt casinos is not as long as it could be.

PayForIt Alternatives

If you are not impressed with PayForIt and what it has to offer, there are always some good alternatives to it like GPay online casinos. Remember that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to online depositing. Still, most reputable online casinos will offer at least one of the methods mentioned below.


1️⃣ Do I need a smartphone to use PayForIt?
Yes, you will need a smartphone not only to receive the PayForIt verification code successfully but also to execute this type of transaction on your mobile phone.
2️⃣ Is PayForIt free?
PayForIt is free for all its users. Players will be more than happy to know how they don't have to pay any membership fees or subscriptions. Also, online casinos and mobile operators won't charge any fees for your deposits.
3️⃣ What is the minimum deposit with PayForIt?
Most mobile operators have a minimum transaction of 5 or 10 Euros. Online casinos tend to have at least a €10 minimum deposit limit. It is important to understand how these deposit limits are not correlated, and every company, both the casino and mobile company, set their limits.
4️⃣ Who can use PayForIt?
To use PayForIt, you must have a smartphone and a phone number with one of the mobile operators that support PayForIt. If you are not sure, check with your customer support. You will also need an online casino that takes PayForIt deposits. Browse the online casino sites looking for a PayForIt logo. Once you have those two, you can enjoy playing on your favourite online casino site.

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