In Ireland, GAA betting is exceptionally popular, with punters placing bets on every game. All reputable Irish online betting sites will offer comprehensive markets on hurling and Gaelic football, plus some others also offer markets on the other sports administered by the GAA.

On this page, we’ll be looking at GAA online betting, telling you exactly what it’s all about. You’ll also be able to navigate to the best GAA betting sites available to Irish gamblers, which have all been reviewed and approved by us. So, if you’re a fan of GAA looking to find out more about GAA betting, keep on reading!

Best GAA Betting Sites

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What is GAA?

GAA stands for Gaelic Athletic Association. GAA isn’t actually a sport but is instead the organisation that manages and promotes various traditional Irish games, with the sports of hurling and Gaelic football being the most popular. In addition to these, it also promotes Gaelic handball and rounders. It also takes an active role in promoting the traditional Irish language, music, and dance.

The GAA was established back in 1884 and now has 500,000 members spread out across the world. It plays a major role in Irish life, as hurling and Gaelic football are the country’s two most popular sports to attend. Gaelic football is also exceptionally popular in Northern Ireland.

The GAA manages and promotes competitions at various levels, including international, intercollege and interclub. However, intercounty is the most popular level. The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship are getting large amounts of attention, both in Ireland and worldwide. Considerable betting takes place when both these competitions are being played.

How to Bet on GAA Sports in Ireland

It’s really easy to place a wager on GAA sports online. The first part of the journey is finding the best possible GAA betting sites in Ireland, which you can do here. Just read through our detailed reviews of the top Irish betting sites and then decide which of them is right for you. Once you’ve chosen your betting site, follow the instructions below to start online betting on GAA.

  1. Head to your chosen site by clicking the link on its review page
  2. Select the option to sign up and fill in all required details
  3. Confirm your registration via an email
  4. Deposit money into your account using one of many methods
  5. Make sure you claim any first deposit bonus available
  6. Head to the GAA hurling or Gaelic football section of the site
  7. Choose the bet you’d like to make
  8. Add the bet to your bet slip and choose how much to bet
  9. Sit back and wait to see if your bet is a winner!

At some point, you’ll find out whether your bet has been a winning one. If it has, you’ll probably want to withdraw the money you’ve won. This is usually a simple process, which start by heading to the cashier. You can then choose how you want to withdraw and how much money you’d like to withdraw.

You’ll then usually find that the site in question takes a couple of days to approve your withdrawal, after which it will be transferred to you. The time it takes for the money to reach you after the site has approved the transaction depends on the withdrawal method you’ve chosen to use.

GAA Sports Betting Types

As already mentioned on this page about GAA betting, a few different sports fall under the GAA umbrella. Betting on them is possible, but hurling and Gaelic football are considerably more popular with punters than the others. Look below to find out about betting on all the different GAA sports in Ireland.

Gaelic Football Betting

Gaelic football – usually referred to as football in Ireland – is exceptionally popular with Irish sports fans. The primary competition is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, which is contested by 33 county teams from Ireland and one team from England and another from the United States. The final of the tournament played at Croke Park draws crowds of more than 80,000 people. The National Football League and the All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship are also popular competitions.

You’ll find that you can bet on Gaelic football at every major Irish online betting site, as well as many offshore betting sites. All major tournaments will be covered, and a variety of different betting options will be offered. It is also nearly always possible to bet live on all major Gaelic football matches.

Hurling Betting

Hurling is the other major GAA sport, and it enjoys similar levels of popularity in Ireland as Gaelic football. This fast-paced and action-packed sport is also popular in various countries worldwide, especially with the Irish diaspora. The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship is the main competition, contested by 12 teams. Croke Park plays host to the final, and the event draws in huge crowds. CNN once placed the final of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in second place in their list of the sporting events you have to see live, with only the Olympics placing higher.

Many people bet on every major hurling match taking place in Ireland, and it’s possible to find comprehensive coverage at Ireland’s top GAA betting websites. It is also regularly covered by major offshore betting sites. Live betting is possible on all major hurling clashes, including all those in the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

Gaelic Handball Betting

Gaelic handball is promoted by GAA Handball and is well-loved in Ireland but nowhere near as popular with spectators and gamblers as football and hurling. The major competitions are the All-Ireland Championships in singles and doubles. Many of the best GAA bookmakers online will offer the chance to bet on significant Gaelic handball matches, but it’s wise to check that handball betting is offered before signing up with a site. Offshore betting sites don’t usually offer markets on this sport.

Rounders Betting

Finally, we come to rounders, which is promoted by the GAA Rounders National Council. It is popular in Ireland, as with handball, but not to the same level as hurling and football. Rounders is a game played worldwide, but the biggest tournament is the Senior Men’s Championship. You’ll find rounders betting offered at some sites, but you should check before signing up. Rounders markets are rarely offered by offshore betting sites.

Gaelic Betting Odds and Types of Bets

In this section, we’ll look at the odds offered when GAA betting, as well as the different types of bets you’ll be able to place at the top GAA betting sites in Ireland. We’ll start by taking a look at how GAA betting odds work.

How GAA Betting Odds Work

Quite simply, GAA betting odds work in the same way as any other betting odds out there. If you’re new to the world of online betting, we’ll go over how odds work below.

You’ll find that the GAA betting odds are shown in the fractional form at most Irish betting sites. The first number in the fraction represents how much you’ll win when placing a bet of the same value as the second number, providing the bet is successful. So, for example, if the odds were 7/1, you would win €7 for every €1 you bet. You would also receive your stake back on top of this prize.

Some sites also allow you to view the odds in decimal form, and these are arguably the easiest odds to understand. They are displayed as a simple number, such as 3.5, and you multiply your bet by this number to see how much you’d receive if your bet is successful. This figure will include your initial stake. So, if you place a winning bet of €10 with odds of 3.5, you’d receive €35 back.

Types of GAA Bets

You’ll find that there are many bet options available at GAA betting sites in Ireland. If you’re unsure of the different bets you can place, or if you’re looking for some inspiration before you place your next wager on GAA, take a look at our rundown of the main GAA betting options below.

Match Betting

This is the most popular type of GAA betting in most gambling sites that accept Paypal, as well as the simplest. When placing this bet, you have to predict which of the two teams will win or whether the match will end in a draw. The more fancied a team is to win, the lower its odds will be.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is much like match betting, except one team is given a head start. For example, in a football game between Dublin and Mayo, the bookmaker might give Mayo five points. This means that the odds even out. So, if you placed a handicap bet on Mayo, who had a five-point head start, you’d win the bet even if Mayo lost by four points or less.

Winning Margin

This bet type is pretty much as it sounds. You’ll need to place a bet on the winning margin. However, you won’t need to get it exactly right. Instead, the sportsbook will give you several options, such as Dublin 1-5. Bet on this option, and you’ll win if Dublin wins the match by one to five points.

Over/Under Total Points

When placing this bet, you’ll need to guess whether the number of points scored in a football match will be under or over a specific number decided on by the sportsbook. This type of bet can often also be made based on an individual team’s number of points.

Over/Under Total Goals

This is just like over/under points, but you’re instead guessing on the total number of goals scored in a football match. As with over/under points, it is also possible to place a bet of this type on one of the two teams playing.

Draw No Bet

This bet is almost the same as a match bet. The only difference is that there’s no option to bet on a draw. If the game does end in a draw, you will have your stake returned to you.

Prop Bets

These are bets made on specific occurrences, often surrounding individual players, such as how many points a player will score in a football match.

Outright Bets

These are long term bets that often won’t be settled for months. They can include such options as betting on which team will win the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship and which player will end the football season as the top goalscorer.

Live Betting

You’ll now find that all the best GAA betting sites in Ireland offer live gambling online to their members. This allows you to bet on a game as it’s being played. You can watch the game and place bets according to what you think will happen next, which is perfect if you consider yourself an expert on a GAA sport.

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How much can I win betting on GAA?

There is not usually any upper limit to the amount you can win from GAA betting. There have been instances of people winning millions from online betting sites. To win a huge prize, you’ll either need to get lucky with a bet with incredibly high odds or risk a huge amount of money placing a bet.

Is GAA betting safe?

You’ll find that betting on GAA is completely safe when you bet at one of the online sportsbooks we recommend. This is because the sportsbooks we recommend are all licenced and regulated by a reputable organisation, plus they use SSL encryption to protect all transactions.

Is it legal to bet on GAA in Ireland?

Yes, it is completely legal to bet on GAA, as well as all other sports in Ireland. Therefore, you will not get into any trouble with the Garda if you place a bet online. This is the case in both land-based bookmakers and online sportsbooks.

What other sports do online betting sites feature?

The best online betting sites have markets for all major sports, as well as many less popular sports. Some of the other sports you’ll be able to bet on include soccer, rugby union, rugby league, cricket, golf, motor racing and horse racing.

What should I do if I think I have a gambling problem?

If you think you have a gambling problem, we urge you to stop betting today. You should then contact one of Ireland’s many gambling addiction organisations, such as the Gambling Awareness Trust or Problem Gambling Ireland. Alternatively, speak to your GP for help and guidance.

What’s the best GAA betting site?

You’ll find that most online bookmakers in Ireland offer GAA betting. To find out which is best for you, we’d recommend reading through our sportsbook reviews, which tell you about everything from the markets offered to the available bonuses.
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