Leprechaun Rama Slot Review & Experience

Leprechaun Rama is an online slot machine game about a cute frog dressed as a leprechaun that will give players the atmosphere of Irish folklore. Anyone who can reach the bowler hat with gold at the edge of the rainbow will become the owner of real riches. This is a product of Espresso Games.

The game consists of 3 separate levels, each with its own prizes and jackpots. The more combinations you make, the faster you will move to the next stage. There will be 25 colourful bubbles on the screen, and when a group of 3 icons of the same colour is formed, you get a win. If you manage to complete all the levels, you will unlock a pot of gold. The return rate in this slot is 95.06%.

General Info

Espresso Games surprises us this time with the arrival of this little elf named Rama the frog. It is an adorable frog with a green Irish top hat and a bushy red beard. In the game, we will accompany the Leprechaun Rama on a journey that will lead us to the end of the rainbow and to the delicious pot of gold. The game is set in the fables of Irish tales about the rainbow and the pot of gold coins.

Each victory unlocks the Re-spin feature. New bubbles fall from above to fill the spaces left by the popped bubbles and additional wins are awarded if new combos are created.

There are several different levels within the game:

  • Leprechaun’s Lair;
  • Fairy’s Forest;
  • Rancher’s Riches;
  • End of the Rainbow.

The structure of the slot is somewhat alternative to what players are used to playing, with 25 positions represented by bubbles, and an all-way payout, in all directions. Winning combinations are created when groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same colour are formed, connected to each other.

How to Play Leprechaun Rama Slot

The game mechanism is also specific: after choosing the value of the coins, in fact, the players will be asked to proceed with steps for each bet. Each step will increase the bet by 5 coins and, obviously, in each spin there could be more than one winning combination.

leprechaun rama slot

The game features 3 different regular levels, and a final gamble game to be accessed only after the first few levels have been completed. The regular levels will in turn be blocked until the minimum number of points required is reached.

Does it all seem too complicated? In fact, it is not at all! This slot for real money is in fact designed for those players who have no previous experience with this type of entertainment tool, and who therefore want to approach the world of slots in an intuitive and innovative way.

In any case, help and guide features can be called up at any time from the slot, to allow anyone to be able to orient themselves adequately at every stage of the journey towards the cauldron of gold.

Reels & Paylines

This is a “pays in all directions” slot game. After each shot, any group of 3 or more bubbles of the same colour will appear to reveal the coin payouts. During the game, the key symbol can appear in any position on the reels. When the keys appear, they move to the progress bar and leave empty, unexploded bubbles on the reels.

Special Features

Each level has a different special feature that is triggered randomly. Special features occur after a non-winning shot or at the end of re-spins and are considered part of the single-game spin. A new feature can also be activated immediately after the conclusion of a previous feature and this is also considered part of the same game twist. The total amount won from any single game spin is the sum of the partial winnings on the original spin + re-spins + combos / re-spins created by the feature.

As for the special symbols, that of the Key will award points based on their colour and on the STEP bet played. The Pot symbol, on the other hand, will add a different stake percentage to the Pot of Gold.

Leprechaun Rama Bonus Games and Free Spins

  • Leprechaun’s Lair is the first level and is active when the game initially opens. From time to time, Rama the Leprechaun toasts your health, causing all the bubbles on the screen to shatter and fall. New bubbles fill the screen to potentially form new winning combos and new re-spins!
  • Fairy’s Forest is the second level and is activated when you reach 500 points. A winning combo of at least 5 bubbles is created, causing a re-spin and the possibility of forming new winning combos and re-spins.
  • Rancher’s Riches is the third level and is activated when you reach 1000 points. From time to time, the rancher randomly converts 3-7 bubbles into Wilds that complete winning combinations for all coloured bubbles and multiply the regular wins x2. Win pop combos, triggering a re-spin and the possibility of forming new winning combos and re-spins! Any Wild that is not used immediately can complete combinations and multiply wins during re-spins.
  • A single Wild can complete combos for multiple colour groups. Groups of 3+ Wilds that do not touch coloured bubbles do not form winning combos by themselves. Wilds are not a substitute for the Pot or Key symbols.
  • When you reach 1500 points, the End of the Rainbow is unlocked and you can choose if you want to collect your Pot of Gold or bet all or part of it for the possibility of doubling the chosen amount. In the doubling game, you will try to guess which hand has the gold coin.
  • Collect Double. No other option is given to bet a partial amount, you must collect your previously doubled winnings or put them at risk in order to double again. You will be allowed to double up to a maximum of 10 times. If you make a wrong choice, you will lose all the winnings you have made up to that point.

Mobile Compatibility

The game is made in HTML5, which means it can adapt to any screen size, regardless of the mobile device or OS used by gamblers. Thanks to this technology, Android and iOS users can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without any problems – even if they are using outdated models.


In this review, we have briefly described what the features of this game are, and we have also noticed how it works differently than traditional slots. Considering this difference that could “throw off” the less experienced, we recommend that you take a look at some demo game sessions in order to understand how to proceed between the various levels.

In any case, you will not need a lot of patience in order to arrive at the definition of a good gaming experience: you will appreciate this slot for its ability to immerse you in a context of great interactivity!


  • Field – 5×50;
  • Lines – 25;
  • Bet per spin – from 0.05 to 50;
  • Progressive jackpot –no;
  • Bonus game –yes;
  • Multiplier-yes;
  • Special symbols –yes;
  • Volatility -low;
  • RTP return rate – 95.06%;
  • The maximum winning – 12,500 coins;
  • Autoplay – yes.
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