Grim Muerto Slot Review & Experience

Grim Muerto is certainly one of the most unique designs that have hit the online gaming sector. The reason for this is because this slot has been based on ‘Grim Muerto’ which translates into the ‘Grim Dead’. The Grim Muerto has to do with the undead Spanish Mariachi’s, during a Latino fiesta, where skeleton Mariachi’s dance and play festive music while wearing very colorful clothing and sporting large moustaches. This may be a rather peculiar theme for an online slot but the uniqueness of it has made it attractive to most players. This slot features a simple 5 reels and 20 paylines. This slot doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot and its jackpot is only set at 1000 credits, which is less than when compared to other productions and developments in its class. This doesn’t, however, deter from its overall attractiveness.

Grim Muerto is developed by Play’n’Go, which is one of the foremost producers in online gaming, with many of their productions and developments being sought after worldwide. Many of the developments from Play’n’Go, are in-depth 3D or video slots with complicated gaming systems. However, they do also make simpler productions to attract different types of gamers. Grim Muerto is one of the simpler productions and features attractive gaming qualities that any gamers can get stuck into.

Grim Muerto Game Features

Grim Muerto is a uniquely attractive slot. There aren’t many productions like it. Most developers make spin-offs or adaptations of certain slots and then make it their own, but Play’n’Go has gone all out with this slot to make it very different than when compared to others. The symbols that are featured here are the usual card-value symbols (10 – Ace), which are the lower-paying symbols. The other symbols that are featured in this game revolve around undead Mariachi, and their instruments. There are four different skeletons Mariachi that can pop up during spins, with a rose-covered guitar as the Wild symbol and a book with a skull on the cover as the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol can substitute itself for any other symbol, taking their place. Albeit for the Scatter symbol, which can’t be replaced by the Wild. A matchup of 5 wilds will result in the jackpot being won. The Scatter symbols are also very important here, which results in re-spins and greater chances of winning. Because of the simplicity of this slot, there aren’t excessive amounts of bonus games and extra features.

Grim Muerto Game Plot

Grim Muerto might not be the most complex of games, but it has many clever animations and background music that puts in the whole Mariachi mood. The fact that players can take part in the Grim Muerto carnival, makes for an exciting experience. The whole game has the carnival theme as its backdrop and the sound effects and backing music are very appropriate. It may seem like its a bit strange at first but this is an experience that many players won’t want to overlook. The game plot is relatively simple and isn’t overly complicated. This game was developed to be playable by all players.

Grim Muerto might be slightly unorthodox and may seem a little strange to some, but this is a very clever production from Play’n’Go and makes for a very festive, cultural and exciting experience. As with all slots, there are a few drawbacks, like the absence of bonus games and the relatively small jackpot, but this is still a slot to check out. It offers online casino bonuses and a unique experience that others won’t be able to match.

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