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Ukash is an exciting payment method, established in 2005. Users could simply visit kiosks, ATMs, gas stations, and other vendors and buy codes for cash. That code is then used to use eWallet, make online payments or top up the prepaid cards. Ukash was very popular in the early 2000s as it was discreet, affordable and easy to use, especially compared to e-wallets and other similar methods that just emerged on the market. Ukash is known as one of the most used payment methods in online casinos.

Update: Ukash was acquired by Skrill Group in 2014 and merged with PaySafeCard. At the moment, it is impossible to use Ukash as a payment method, but casino players in Ireland can use its alternatives. After the acquisition, many Ukash online casinos became PaySafe casinos, but players who have been using them for a long time still refer to them as online casinos that accept Ukash.

Best Ukash Casinos Online 2020

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How to Use Ukash in Online Casinos

Ukash is a commonly used payment method among players, mostly because it is straightforward and easily accessible. Ukash deposit casinos offer a great playing experience, combined with a simple banking system that everyone can use. Unlike so many online payment systems that require registrations and several devices to log in, Ukash is pretty straightforward.

How To Sign Up

Ukash online casino would usually have a Ukash logo in the footer of the website. As always, players can simply check the list of payments to find out what transaction methods are supported in a certain Ukash casino. Then, it is necessary to open an account with the casino by filling out a registration form. Some casinos may require you to click on a link in an email they sent to all new customers, or maybe even confirm the registration by entering the code sent to your mobile phone. The signup process in an online Ukash casino takes under three minutes.

Ukash, on the other hand, never requires a registration. Players simply have to buy a code by visiting a certified Ukash store, gas station, kiosk, or ATM. Once you get the code, make sure to keep it safe until you decide to use it.


Every Ukash voucher has a 19-digit code. You can use that code to deposit directly in your favourite online casinos accepting Ukash or combine it with eWallets. The direct deposit is a simple affair – select Ukash on the banking interface of your Ukash casino and enter the code. Submit the information, and the deposited amount will be transferred immediately. Instant deposits are one of the main benefits of Ukash, and the main reason why players love it.


Online casinos that take Ukash, unfortunately, can’t process the withdrawals via this method. The technology of vouchers, such as Ukash, is developed for deposits only. Because the user of the voucher never registers or submits any of the personal information to the Ukash, it is impossible to transfer money the other way around. Online casino Ukash will still offer plenty of other methods you can use to withdraw your winnings.

Minimum Deposit

Ukash accepted online casinos from the very start of the online casino industry. Also, considering how most online casinos offer a minimum deposit of only €10, Ukash is the perfect method to execute small deposits without any fees attached.

Additional Fees and Withdrawal Time

Ukash won’t charge you any additional fees for your transactions, and most online casinos won’t do it either. Ukash online casinos rarely charge deposit fees, and since it is impossible to withdraw money this way, they can’t charge any withdrawal fees.

Withdrawal time will be highly affected by the payment method you choose. You can use eWallets, credit cards, debit cards or bank wire. Some Ukash casinos may offer you a withdrawal only by using one or two methods. Make sure to read terms and conditions and learn about the withdrawal policy to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Also, the withdrawal will be much faster if you verify your identity before making a withdrawal. All you have to do is send a copy of your ID and utility bill.

Pros and Cons

Ukash, just like any other method, has its good and bad sides. It is upon every player to decide whether or not this method is the right for them. To help you understand what Ukash is all about, we created a list of its most important characteristics.


  • Easily accessible – Ukash is available with almost every kiosk, ATM or gas station.
  • No Fees – Depositing via Ukash is completely free of any fees, memberships or subscription plans.
  • Privacy – With Ukash, you never share your personal or banking information, so you can remain 100% anonymous.


  • No withdrawals – If you deposit by using Ukash, you will have to withdraw by using an alternative method.
  • Can’t do it from home – Ukash vouchers can’t be bought online, but you will have to visit a vendor to purchase it physically.

Ukash in Ireland

Ukash gambling is in demand ever since this London-based company opened its doors. That is not surprising, considering how most of the modern online casino players prefer privacy, anonymity and fast transactions with no fees above all. Even though vouchers like Ukash still don’t have as many users as more traditional methods like credit cards, they are slowly positioning themselves on the Irish market.

UPDATE: After it was announced that Ukash would cease the business, all clients were given a year-long deadline to exchange their vouchers to PaySafeCard PINs. This process was completed in May 2016.

Ukash Alternatives

Even though many fans will defend Ukash vouchers as the best payment method around, others will want an alternative method that will allow them both depositing and withdrawing. Here are some of the most popular choices.

  • Skrill – This eWallet offers not only deposits and withdrawals for a small fee but a debit card as well. It has been around for 20 years and is one of the most common eWallets in the casino industry.
  • MasterCard/Visa – Credit cards are a safe, reliable and convenient way to deposit and withdraw in most online casinos. You may have to pay a small transaction fee, but you will never have to open another account.
  • Bank transfer – Underestimated by many casino players, a bank transfer is still the most common way to make larger money transfers, especially international transfers. All you need is a bank account with some money on it, and you are good to go!
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⭐ Can I use Ukash in every online casino?
Ukash is only supported in certain online casinos. You should have no difficulties in finding one, as they usually have either a Ukash logo on their website, or have this method listed in their banking section. When in doubt, ask customer support.
⭐ Does Ukash charge any deposit fees?
Ukash won’t charge you any fees. All the money you have at your disposal on your voucher can be used for playing in your favourite casino, no fees attached. Also, most online casinos won’t charge you any fees for this method either.
⭐ Can I make a withdrawal in my casino by using Ukash?
Ukash can be used only for making a deposit. This is understandable if you remember how Ukash doesn’t require registration and can be bought without the ID. The transactions can only go in one direction, due to the nature of this payment method, and technology behind it.
⭐ Is Ukash safe?
Ukash is an extremely safe payment method. As a UK-based company, they follow all laws and regulations for online money transactions empowered by the European Union. Players also never have to share any personal information such as an address, full name, credit card or bank account number to use Ukash. Ukash guarantees 100% anonymity and privacy.
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