The UK to increase Remote Gaming Duty

As if lowering the maximum bet in B2 Gaming Machines was not enough, the UK now wants to increase Remote Gaming Duty to 21%. Read the article to learn what does this mean for the industry and for UK gamblers. What does the new regulation hold It’s no secret that the UK government has a long-term goal of making the gambling industry for the players. This is far from the first regulation aimed at influencing the industry. For instance, the

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Five gambling companies adverise to children, experts find

Just a couple of days ago, five gambling websites were caught advertising to children, The Guardian reports. Read on to find out why did that happen, and what does this mean for the industry. The ban As you’ve heard before, advertising gambling to children is now forbidden in the UK. Gambling companies of any sort cannot advertise on a website if it has over 25% child audience. If a quarter of an influencer’s audience are children, they too are not

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